All I really wanted was a friend in you. Nothing more. Just someone outside my circle to talk to when you know, just, when I feel the need/urge to.  

I’m sorry if I overwhelmed you in anyway. I hope you read this and understand. 

I have the most amazing family, friends and pets and have so much to look forward to the next few months

- but, at certain times like today, I just feel that overwhelming sense of loneliness. And I fight it and try to distract myself with everything that I’ve got but it just gets exhausting

And at this second, I can’t even imagine talking to anyone else except you. 

Just a friend to talk to. 

Gambit v1 #4 - Thief of Time

"…It just isn’t meant to be."

Gambit v2 #3 - True Colors

Gambit and Anielle

Batman Beyond v3 #4 - Hush Beyond Part 4: The Other Side of The Mirror

Batman Beyond v3 #5 - Hush Beyond Part 5: Blood in Back Alleys

"…you big softie.”

Gambit v2 #2 - Shadow Rise

"Keep it up, non-stop…" 

Cool sequence

perhaps the impulse to find salvation in the other is a mistake…

…and perhaps the answer is in our creativity instead

Jason Silva


I could probably listen to 2:25 - 4:20 forever.