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20140716-105042-39042643 - CopyCourtesy of The View (of all places) Marvel have confirmed that, from October, a woman will become the brand new Thor in their comic book canon!

Seemingly to allay our understandable scepticism (these sort of changes can often be seen as temporary ‘gimmicks’ by the comic buying public),…

Another series going on my pull list!!

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Just some random doodles~
Mostly of the bat kids~ And a lil doodle of cutie pie Kid Loki as well~

Tim crying because damian bit him, but is now happy with his big bro~ Also Jason likes to hide his face with a red bucket, because..one he thinks he looks cool and two it hides his feelings and tears…//craies

Waaaay too many things that trigger memories of you and I.

Its been almost a year now.


a flood of miracles wouldn’t be enough…

a flood of miracles wouldn’t be enough…

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Historia “Krista” Reiss

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Chungking Express


remember when batman was a mermaid, because he was, he so was

Batman v1 #53 - “Batman Under the Sea!”

written by Bill Finger

art by Jim Mooney


"ASL" these days mean something totally different.